Welcome to Trumpaholics Anonymous

Hi, my name is Ken Sheetz and I am a Trumpaholic.

A quick Google search defines addiction as “the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.” And that addictive activity in my case is overdosing on Trump news.

Quite simply, our media is getting rich pitting one American against another over Trump news. Spoon feeding our darkest fears about Trump and each other. I am fed up and hope you are too.

So I’ve complied the following handy questionnaire of Trumpaholic symptoms from both a liberal and conservative POV. Well, as best as you can expect from left leaning independent, one who nonetheless has voted Republican as often as Democrat.

Pardon my sarcasm in the questionnaire, but we need to start laughing at ourselves for falling for the media’s fear games before a new Civil War breaks out.

  • Do you read Trump’s daily tweets before MSBC and CNN report what a horrible president is,or Breitbart reports what an amazing president Trump is?
  • Further down the Trump rabbit hole, do you tweet back at Trump along with the other Twitter camps, pro Trump or con, who battle on his threads daily?  Do you get sick rush to troll Trump or do you defend your hero Trump? Either way you might just be having an argument with a twitter bot or troll farm employee whose job it is to sow hatred.
  • Do you follow the ups and downs of Trump’s cabinet and family ups and down like a soap opera, or better reality show, where the stakes are life and death?
  • Does Trump news bad or good raise your blood pressure? No shame. Love or hate Trump, adrenaline has no political affiliation. Liberal or conservative the media both sell fear and fear causes adrenaline levels to rise. That buzz of adrenaline hooks you.
  • Do you dream or daydream of advising Trump?– Like he’d listen! Get real, my fellow Trump junkie.
  • Are you sometimes jealous Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth? Might you stew that no matter how many times he files for bankruptcy the Donald bounces right back with that smug grin on his face some of us love or  hate?
  • If you’re an ultra-liberal do you use Trump memorabilia for voodoo, even kiddingly? Or if you’re a conservative do you wear your MAGA hat to bed or Trump rallies? Feel free to skip the rest of this test and immediately take the oath admitting your addiction in comments below. Admitting addiction is the first step to your cure.
  • Are you jealous you cannot use taxpayer dollar to fly in your private Presidential Boeing 747 to wing your way to your Florida palace in each weekend to golf and hobnob with the super rich and world leaders?
  • Does Trump’s daily compulsive lying bug you? Or do you secretly wish you too could whisper sweet lies to his voter base wants to hear 2,000 times like Trump did his first year in office and not be worse for wear? Liberal or conservative, you gotta admit Trump makes Teflon look like a porous substance.
  • Do you steal time from work to sneak a look on your Mac or PC to be up to the minute on the latest Trump news, as though the fate of world depends on your knowing what he just Tweeted from his golden toilet at 4AM?
  • Afterwards, as a chaser, do you annoy all your friends on FB with the latest doom and gloom story from CNN how Trump is going to: A. Cause a nuclear war, B. Inspire a new race of Nazi bullies to take over America, C. Start an American Civil War, D. Name a KKK member to the Supreme Court, E. Add any number of dark scenarios from your favorite niche news source feeds you to give you ulcers and high blood pressure. Flip them all to praise for how great Trump is Making America Great Again on all of the above for the Hanity, Limbaugh, Fox & Friends POV and outrage the liberal media can’t see Trump magnificence.
  • Have you lost a lot of FB friends crusading either for or against Trump? Hopefully the friends you lost are the idiots who ended up dragging you into the Cambridge Analytica mess.
  • Does your stomach growl as you pass a McDonald’s, secretly wishing you could stuff your face with Filet O’ Fake Fish, cheese burgers and fires daily, washed down by a dozen diet Cokes like Trump and still only tip the scales at a fit 239 due to great genes and hired liars for docs? Or are you’re a health nut, repulsed by the mountains of cholesterol he ingests that would normally kill a horse while you gain weight even smelling a burger?
  • Have you’ve chuckled, or downright belly laughed, at videos of Trump on the tarmac with his comb-over flying at half mast? Or have you scorned liberals for how cruel they are to laugh at something so petty about your hero trying to look 20 years younger than his true senior self?
  • Have you ever compared your hand size to Trump’s? Or does it annoy you how low desperate liberals are to attack your man for his hand and conversely penis size?
  • Are you are studying Russian just in case the rumors that Trump is really a Putin puppet are true? Or do you get outraged over “The Russia, Russia Witch” hunt persecution of Trump by our “corrupt” FBI who are secretly not Republican in large part?
  • We’re you stunned the Republicans acquitted Trump in the Senate Impeachment hearing without any witnesses called or evidence admitted. Do you relish in Trump revenge on so-called deep state players like Vindman and Sondland? Do you relish in the lack of objectivity of the DOJ?
  • Last, if you have read this far it likely means and answered yes to any question you too are a Trumpaholic. Welcome!

Now, before you run off in huff about my calling you a Trump addict after we just electronically met, don’t blame yourself. Love or hate him, the Donald is the unquestioned all-time champ for holding the media spotlight for liberals and conservatives alike. Trump is a Jackson Pollack-like political artist.


On any given day, Trump might toss a splash of  red collusion denial across his Twitter canvas, followed by gush of Stormy blue porno scandal, a dash of sunny yellow clown-like lawyers and finish it all of with a gloop of WITCH HUNT! orange. Racing in the Daytona 500 on the taxpayer’s dollar in the “Beast.”And before the paint has dried he’s onto his next masterpiece.

Meantime, the mass media, liberal and conservative alike, broadcasts everyone of Trump’s crazy “tweet paintings”, pre-packaging what we Trumpaholics should think depending on the shade of our political box they jam us into. Truth is, today’s mass media is not so much “fake news” — a Trump trademark — as hopelessly niche oriented.

Our 24/7 niche media has evolved into a killer shark that must feed a killer payroll and hungry shareholders. Our shark media can never stop swimming and micro-judging everything Trump says or does. The lazy reporters of today pretend they love or hate what Trump tweets for one shared purpose: To spread fear. But if we are honest with ourselves, we know journalistic integrity died decades ago, long before Trump.

Remember the Bush era? That’s when media first saw after 911 that fear can fuel the 24/7 news cycle. And presto the media became compliant in the whole WMD scam to launch the Iraq War and embed journalists to bring the horrors to your living room.

But after some years of Orange Alerts and no sign of WMDs the American people got wise to the media broadcasting Bush’s fear tactics and news ratings fell. How then, the MBA’s pondered, do we generate fresh fear to monger for maximum profit today? Simple. And viola, depending on whether you are a young gun toting pickup truck driver or an old tree hugging ex-Hippie, Trump is made into demon or angel on a newscast perfectly tailored to scare the living shit out of you.

Sorry to sound so bleak if you’re person making a living in media. But our media is broken and no longer serves to give us clarity. Worse it traps us in insulated silos where truth is dead.

The media is so conflicted it will never give us break. So we have to make one ourselves. Too much of anything, good or bad, is unhealthy. And we Americans never seen anything as ridiculous and the 24/7 media circus that ruminates over every Trump act and tweet.

I invite you to join me on this blog in cutting way back on Trump news and news in general until we are given more truth.  Trump is neither angel or demon. Be you liberal or conservative the time to worry about politics is in few weeks leading to the voting booth for primaries and the main event.

Full disclosure, wrapping up post #1, as you may have guessed despite my best efforts, I am no fan of Donald J.Trump. In fact, I’ve disliked his brinkmanship style since reading his hardball tactics in his best-selling book THE ART OF DEAL. This was 1987 when I was a budding young real estate mogul, named as Chicago’s #1 broker and developer on two occasion by the Sun Times.

Nonetheless, I pledge to do my best to look at things from both a liberal and conservative POV because, as the Beatles once sang, we Americans need to “Come together. Right now.”

Subscribe and together let’s thwart the media for dividing us up like cattle.

Note:  Before you comment below I’d love it if you’d please write: Hello.  My name is _______________ and I am a Trumpaholic. Trolls, human or robotic, will be cheerfully escorted from the blog premises.